Card Art Feature: Bicycle® Espionage Deck

Our once-exclusive Club 808 Espionage Deck is now available to the masses.

Card Art Feature: Bicycle® Espionage Deck


Above are some hi-res pictures of Club 808’s Espionage deck, including the custom court cards, pips, jokers, and back designs. The use of stark contrast in the characters and pips is meant to highlight the idea that each character is working in the shadows, undercover and in secrecy. Plus, the characters are pulled from every genre of spies, not just the stories of tuxedoed gentlemen with triple-numerals as names.

The minimal tuck design implies secrecy from the moment the deck is unwrapped—like it’ll self-destruct after so many classified games. It’s all one color except for the gloss-finish embossing details, and of course, it opens to the side, not the top.

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