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Auction Forty-Fives

Game Type
Kids, Adults
4, 5, 6

This variation of Spoil Five and Forty-Five is one of the most popular games in Nova Scotia. The number 45 is no longer relevant to the game.

Number of Players

Four people playing two against two as partners, or six (three against three as partners), seated alternately.


The player on the dealer's left bids first, and the turn passes to the left. Bids are in multiples of 5 points, and the highest bid is 30. Each bid must be higher than the preceding bid except that the dealer is allowed to beat the previous bid merely by saying, "I hold"; if he does, each player who did not previously pass gets another turn, and the dealer again may take the bid without topping it. A side that has scored 100 points or more may not bid less than 20.

Discarding and Drawing

The high bidder names the trump. Then each player discards as many cards as desired, and the dealer restores the hand to five cards from the top of the pack. The player to the left of the high bidder leads first.


Each trick won counts 5 points, and the highest trump in play counts an additional 5, making 10 points in all for the trick it wins. If the high bidder's side makes its bid, it scores all it makes; if it fails, the amount of the bid is subtracted from that side's score. The opposing side always scores whatever it wins in tricks. A bid of 30 (for all five tricks) is worth 60 if it is made, and it loses 30 if it fails. The game is won by the first side to reach 120.