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Auction Hearts

Game Type
Trick Taking
Kids, Adults
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Auction Hearts

This game is the same as Hearts Without Black Lady, except that players bid after the deal for the privilege of naming the suit to be avoided. In bidding, a player names the number of chips he will put up as a pot, if allowed to name the suit. Bidding begins with the first hand dealt and rotates to the left, each player being allowed to bid only once. A player must either bid higher than the preceding bid or pass.

The highest bidder puts up his chips and names the suit. He leads first, and thereafter play proceeds as in the regular game.

The Play

When the hands are played out, each player adds one chip to the pot for each card he has taken of the forbidden suit. The player taking no cards of the forbidden suit wins the pot; if two players score no minus points, they divide the pot. If an odd chip remains, it is left for the next pot. If more than two players take no cards of the forbidden suit, or one player takes all 13, or each player takes at least one, no player wins; the deal passes, and the successful bidder on the original deal names the suit to be avoided, without bidding. The play then proceeds as before, and at the end of the hand, each player puts up a chip for each card of the forbidden suit he has taken. If no player wins on this deal, a new deal ensues, and so on, until the pot is won.