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Beleaguered Castle

Game Type
Kids, Adults

This game is the same as Streets and Alleys except that the four aces are removed from the pack prior to play and are placed in the center column. Each row of the tableau, left and right, will then contain six cards.

The Pack

The standard 52-card pack is used.


From the shuffled pack, the player turns up the first 25 cards one by one, placing them in a square (grid) that is five cards wide and five cards deep. Each card, as it is turned up, may be placed anywhere with reference to those previously placed, so long as all remain within the five-by-five limits. Once placed, a card may not be moved.

Object of the Game

The goal is to score as high a count as possible in the ten Poker hands formed by the five rows and five columns of the tableau.


There are several systems of scoring; the two shown below are the most popular. The American system follows the ranking of hands in standard Poker, while the English system is based on the actual difficulty of forming the hands in Poker Solitaire.

Hand American Score English Score
Royal Flush 100 30
Straight Flush 75 30
Four of a Kind 50 16
Full House 25 10
Flush 20 5
Straight 15 12
Three of a Kind 10 6
Two Pair 5 3
One Pair 2 1

One common variation is to deal all 25 cards face up quickly in the five-by-five grid and then the cards are moved by the player to come up with the 10 highest-scoring poker hands within the grid.