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Game Type
Kids, Adults
Closely related to Klondike, the game of Canfield is probably the second most popular Solitaire game.
The Pack
The standard 52-card pack is used.
The Layout
The player counts off 13 cards face down, squares them up, and places them face up horizontally to the left to form the reserve. He turns up the next (14th) card as the first foundation card and places it above the reserve, to the right. Beside the reserve, and directly below the first foundation card, the player deals a row of four cards face up to the right. This forms the tableau.
As they become available, the other three cards of the same rank as the first foundation card are added in a row to the right of the first foundation. The player builds up on each foundation in suit and sequence, going "around the corner." Example: If a queen is the first foundation, each other queen, as it becomes available, forms a foundation and is built up as follows:  Q♦,  K♦,  A♦,  2♦,  3♦ and so on, up to  J♦.
Object of the Game
The goal is to build all four foundations up to the 13th card in each suit.
After the layout is dealt, the rest of the pack forms the stock (or "hand"). Cards are turned over three at a time, and the top card of each packet is available for building. The cards underneath are available once the top card is played.
The player places each packet of three cards, as they are turned up from the stock, on a talon (waste pile) below the layout. The top card of the talon is always available for building. When all of the stock is played onto the talon, the player turns it face down to make a new stock and goes through it again, three cards at a time. The stock may be run through any number of times until no more plays are possible, or until the game is won.
Any movable card or cards (from tableau, reserve, or stock) may be placed only on a card next-higher in rank and of opposite color in the tableau. Example: The  8♥ may be placed on  9♣ or  9♠. An entire pile of the tableau must be moved as a unit.
A space in the tableau must be filled by the top card of the reserve, which must always be kept squared up so that only the top card can be identified. After the reserve has been exhausted, spaces may be filled from the stock and talon.