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Chouette Bezique

Game Type
Trick Taking
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Chouette Bezique is a variation that allows three or more people to play Rubicon, Six-Pack Bezique, or Eight-Pack Bezique. The game is similar in format to a game called Chouette, a version of Backgammon which is played when more than two players want to participate in the same game.
All three players draw a card from the shuffled packs. The player with the high card is "in the box" and has his choice of seats; the player with the next-highest card is "captain" and plays against the player in the box. The third player and any others are partners of the captain and may consult with him, but the captain makes the final decision on any play.
If the player in the box wins the game, he collects in full from every opponent and remains in the box. The captain then retires, and the next player in order of precedence becomes captain.
When the player in the box loses a game, he pays every opponent in full and retires, becoming lowest in order of precedence. The previous captain is now in the box, and the next in line becomes captain.