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Cutthroat Canasta

Game Type
Kids, Adults
Cutthroat Canasta is played in the same way as standard Canasta but in this version, two sides are formed during the play, two against one, and the following rule changes apply.
The Draw. In drawing from the stock, a player takes two cards, but discards only one.
Lone Hand. The player who first takes the discard pile becomes the "lone hand." The other two players join in partnership against the lone hand, combining their melds and otherwise aiding each other. If a player goes out before the discard pile has ever been taken, he becomes lone hand and the other two score as a partnership.
Initial Meld. The initial meld requirement for a player depends on his own score. Thus, one partner can have a higher requirement than the other.
Scoring. A red three counts only for the owner, plus or minus depending on whether or not his side has melded. The base scores of the partners therefore differ if they have not drawn an equal number of red threes.
All other scores made by the partnership are totaled, and each partner receives the total, plus or minus his own red threes. Game is 7,500. The score sheet is divided into three columns, and each player's name is placed at the top of a column.
Stock Exhausted. If no one goes out, play ends with the discard of the player who drew the last card of the stock. If the discard pile was never taken, each player scores for himself.