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Game Type
Trick Taking
2, 3, 4
Darda is a variation of Klabberjass for two, three or four people.
If four people play, the dealer scores against the Maker. The rank of cards in trumps is: Q, 9, A, 10, K, J, 8, 7, and the queen (not the jack asin Klaberjass) counts 20 points whereas the jack counts only 2. In non-trump suits, the rank is: A, 10, K, Q, J, 9, 8, 7. There is no "schmeiss."
After trump has been named, and the three additional cards have been dealt to each player, the undealt cards are turned face up, squared so that only the top card shows, and become the widow. As in standard Klabberjass, a player may exchange the trump 7 for the turned-up card (the trump 8 may be exchanged if the 7 was turned), and that player may take the exposed card of the widow as long as it is a trump. However, the player must discard a card from his hand each time he makes an exchange.
The Maker then leads. Each player announces his meld on the first play. Thereafter, it does not count, including the trump K, Q ("bele"). After the first trick is completed, players with melds of the same length ask and decide which is highest.
For the scoring, the Maker succeeds if neither opponent has an equally high score. If the Maker succeeds, he scores 1 if his score is less than 100 points; 2 if it is 100-149; 3 if it is 150-199; 4 if it is 200 or more. Game is 10.
If four of a kind are held, there is no play. Instead the highest four of a kind wins the hand, and the scoring is: 4 for four queens, 3 for four nines, and 2 for four aces, kings, jacks, or tens.