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Double Rum

Game Type
Kids, Adults
2, 3, 4
In this version, the rules of regular Rummy apply except for the following:
Two standard 52 card packs plus two jokers are shuffled together to form a 106-card deck.
Ten cards are dealt to each player.
An ace may count either high or low in sequences.
A matched set may be formed from any three or more cards of the same rank, such as  K♠,  K♠,  K♦. A joker is wild in any matched set or sequence.
In laying off on a sequence that contains a joker, a player may move the joker if it falls at the end of the sequence, but not if it lies within the interior of the sequence. Thus, if 7♥, 6♥, joker are on the table, either 8♥ or 5♥ may be added (but not 4♥); if 7♥, joker, 5♥ are on the table, only 8♥ or 4♥ may be added. (A joker can be moved only once.)
In scoring, a player is charged 15 points for each joker and 11 for each ace in his hand. The other cards count as in regular Rummy.