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Five-Hand Cribbage

Game Type
Kids, Adults
Five-Card Cribbage is the original game of Cribbage, and is strictly for two players.
Cut for Deal. The players cut for deal, the higher card winning the deal, but the losing player pegs three holes to compensate him for the disadvantage that his opponent has in getting the first crib.
The Deal. Five cards are dealt to each player, and each lays down two cards for the crib. The non-dealer then cuts the remainder of the pack, and the dealer turns up the starter.
The Play. The only change, and it is an important one, is that the play ends when the first Go or 31 is reached. 
When play ends with a Go, the person who played the last card scores 1 for it. When play ends with a 31, the person who played the last card to make the count 31 scores 2.
Counting. Counting is done in the same way as the six-card game, but the score is considerably lower because fewer cards are involved. In this version, if the player holds three cards of the same suit in his hand, he counts 3 for flush. If the starter is of the same suit as the flush, the count is 4. To have a flush in the crib, all five cards must be in the same suit, just as in the six-card game. Game is 61 points.