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Four-Hand Bezique

Game Type
Trick Taking
Four 32-card packs are shuffled together to make a 128-card deck. The four players play in clockwise rotation. Participants may play as individuals or two against two as partners. 
In the partnership version, partners face each other across the table, and the winner of each trick may declare, or may pass the privilege to the partner; however, if the partner cannot declare, the winner of the trick cannot then declare. Partners may not consult on who shall declare. A player may put down cards from his own hand to form declarations in combination with cards previously declared by his partner and still exposed on the table; but he may not declare any combination that the partner could not legally declare. 
For example: If one partner has declared a sequence, the other partner may not add a trump king to the queen in the sequence and score for a marriage.
After the last card of the stock has been drawn, each player in turn must beat the highest card previously played to a trick, even if that card was in his partner's hand.
A double bezique counts 500, and a triple bezique 1,500, but only if all the cards come from the hand of the same player. Game is usually set at 2,000 points.