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Four-Hand Sixty-Six

Game Type
Trick Taking
3, 4, 5
The A, 10, K, Q, J, 9, 8, 7 of each suit are pulled from a standard 52-card pack to form a 32-card deck. Eight cards are dealt clockwise to each player in packets of three, then two, then three, beginning with the player on the dealer's left. The last card is turned for trump and belongs to dealer.
The player on the dealer's left leads, and each succeeding player in turn not only must follow suit but must win the trick if possible. If the player cannot follow suit, he must trump or top the previous trump if he can. 
The scoring is the same as in the two-hand game, except that there are no marriages. A side counting 66 or more, but less than 100, scores 1 game point; a side with more than 100 but less than 130 scores 2 points; if it takes every trick (130), the side wins 3 points. If each side has 65, neither scores, and 1 game point is added to the score of the winners of the next hand.
The game is 7 points. In some localities, the 10 of trumps counts 1 game point for the side winning it, in addition to its value as a scoring card. If one side has 6 game points and wins the 10 of trumps on a trick, that side scores game immediately.