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Jackpots Poker

Game Type
5, 6, 7, 8
Benchmarking from the rules outlined for General Poker, once all players have placed their antes and the deal is completed, each player in turn has the right to "open" (make the first bet) but may not do so unless he has a pair of jacks or better. If no one opens (that is, every player passes), everyone antes again, and the same dealer deals again. (In some games, the deal passes to the left, even when no one opens.)
If any player opens, the first betting interval has begun. Each other player in turn after him (including players who passed on the first round) must drop, call, or raise, until this betting interval ends. The game then continues as in standard Draw Poker.
In Jackpots, the player who opens must "show openers" before he can discard his hand. He need show only as many cards as will prove to the other players that he had the requirements. Of course, if this player is in the showdown, he must show his entire hand.