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Game Type
Kids, Adults
2, 3, 4, 5, 6
This game is best for two, three, or four people, each playing individually. The rules are the same as for regular Rummy with the following exceptions.
Two standard 52-card packs plus four jokers are shuffled together to make a 108-card pack. Each person is dealt 15 cards (with five players, 13 cards; with six, 11 cards). Aces count 15 points each, face cards 10 each, and other cards their pip value. A player's first meld must count 51 or more. The ace is high or low, so A, 2, 3 or A, K, Q is a valid meld but not 2, A, K.
A player may not take the top discard, or lay off, until he has made his first meld. However, a player may take the discard if he uses it immediately to make his first meld. Jokers are wild. A joker used in a meld counts the same number of points as the card it represents. Before melding or discarding, a player may trade the appropriate natural card for a melded joker in any other player's meld and then use the joker as he wishes.
The player who goes out scores all the points remaining in his opponents' hands. A joker left in a hand counts as 25 points.