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Partnership Pinochle (6-8)

Game Type
6, 8

Six players form two partnerships of three each, sitting alternately. Eight players form two partnerships of four each, also sitting alternately. A double Pinochle pack (96 cards) is used, and the cards are dealt out four at a time, so that each player has 16 cards in the six-hand game and 12 cards in the eight-hand game.

The rules of Partnership Pinochle (with the last card turned as trump) or of Partnership Auction Pinochle (with players bidding for the trump) are followed.

Scoring. Instead of the scores for certain standard melds, as shown in the rules for Two-Hand Pinochle, multiples of these melds are scored as follows:

8 aces (2 of each suit) 1,000

8 kings (2 of each suit) 800

8 queens (2 of each suit) 600

8 jacks (2 of each suit) 400

Double pinochle 300

2 kings and 2 queens of same suit 300

Double flush 1,500

Triple pinochle 600

3 kings and 3 queens of same suit 600

Quadruple pinochle 1,200

4 kings and 4 queens of same suit 1,200

12 aces (3 of each suit) 2,000

12 kings (3 of each suit) 1,600

12 queens (3 of each suit) 1,200

12 jacks (3 of each suit) 800

Triple flush 3,000

15 of same denomination, (such as 15 aces) 3,000