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Partnership Rummy

Game Type

The players draw for partnerships. The holders of the the two highest cards each play a two-hand game against the players with the two lowest cards. Partners sit opposite each other at the table. One member of each side cuts for deal, and both members of the side with the lowest card deal the first hand. Thereafter, the winners of each hand deal next.

Each dealer deals to the opponent on his right for the first hand and thereafter, the players alternate opponents.
Only one score is kept for each partnership, so that if one member wins his hand by 12 points and the other member loses his by 10 points, that side wins the hand by 2 points and will eventually receive a box bonus when the game is over.

When one member of a partnership knocks, either player in the opposing partnership may delay play until he learns how many points were scored. When one hand is finished, the idle player may advise his partner (after the partner's opponent has knocked) as to the best way of matching the hand, or laying off.

Drawn hands are not replayed. The game does not end until one side reaches 125 points, but all other scoring is the same as in regular Gin Rummy.