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Pitch (Smudge)

Game Type
Trick Taking
3, 4, 5

One of the most popular forms of Auction Pitch, this game was formerly called Smudge. Now, it is usually called Pitch by those who play it.

This version is the same as Auction Pitch, except for the following changes: winning all 4 points in one hand constitutes a smudge by any player, whether he is the pitcher or not, and it wins the game immediately regardless of that player's previous score. The dealer is not permitted to take the contract unless he bids more than any previous bid. Low is scored by the player winning it in a trick, not necessarily by the player to whom it was dealt. In case of a misdeal, the same player deals again.

It is customary for every player to start with a score of 7. When a player is set back, the points he bid are added to his score. Points a player wins are subtracted from his score, and the first player to reach zero is the winner of the game.