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Railroad Euchre

Game Type
Trick Taking
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Railroad Euchre is the name given to any number of versions designed to speed up the scoring. Some of the features that have been added in various localities are as follows:

Joker. The joker is included and ranks as the highest trump.

Defending alone. Either opponent of a lone player may call "alone" and defend alone against the player. Euchre of a lone hand by a lone opponent counts 4.

Calling for best. A lone player or defender may discard any one card and call for his partner's best card as a replacement. The partner complies by choosing what he judges to be the most advantageous card and passes it, face down, to the lone player. 

Laps. Points scored in excess of those needed to win the game are credited toward the next game.

Slam. A side is credited with two games if it reaches game before the opponents have scored a point.