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Round the Corner Gin Rummy

Game Type
6, 7, 8

Round-The-Corner may be played as a version of Gin Rummy, but with the following differences:

The ace may rank high or low in a sequence, and sequences may go around the corner (A, 2, 3, A, K, Q, K, A, 2). As an unmatched card, an ace counts 15 points.


Unlike other Gin Rummy versions, if a knocker goes gin, the opponent is allowed to lay his cards off, and if the opponent can reduce his own count to zero, neither player scores on that hand.

The game ends when one player reaches 125 points. In any partnership game, it takes 25 points more to end the game than when regular Partnership Gin Rummy is played with the round-the-corner features.

Players may at all times inspect the previous discards.