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Rubicon Bezique

Game Type
Trick Taking

This game is the forerunner of the Six-Pack and Eight-Pack variations.

Two people play, using four 32-card packs shuffled together, 128 cards in all. In the deal, nine cards are dealt to each player. No trump is turned; the first marriage declared is the trump suit.

A sequence in a non-trump suit (called a "back door") counts 150. A triple bezique counts 1,500, a quadruple bezique 4,500, and the last trick 50. There is no count for the seven of trumps.

Carte Blanche is scored as explained in Six-Pack Bezique (p. 225), except that it counts only 50 each time.
The same cards may be used more than once in the same declaration, as explained under Six-pack Bezique; however, there is no additional count for four of a kind in the trump suit.

Each player gathers in his tricks as they are won, but brisques are not counted except to break a tie or to permit a player to escape being rubiconed. If either player counts brisques, both count them.

Each deal constitutes a game, and the player with the higher score adds 500 for game. All fractions of 100 points are disregarded unless they are needed to determine the winner. If the player with the lower score has less than 1,000 points, including brisques, he is rubiconed; and the winner receives a bonus of 1,000 instead of 500, plus all the loser's points, plus 320 for all the brisques.