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Rummy for 6 players or more

Game Type
6, 7, 8

Based on Rummy but with 6 players or more.

Half the players form one partnership against the other half.

All partners sit on one side of the table, and each plays against the opponent facing him, never changing opponents during the game.

One partner draws for deal on each side, and all members of the side drawing the lower card deal the first hand. 

Thereafter, all members of the winning side deal the next hand.

Each player plays a regular two-hand game against the player facing him and the results of all these two-hand matches are added up for each side and then compared to determine the winning side of each deal.

The game ends when: 

1) A partnership of 3 or 4 players reaches 150 points.

2) A partnership of five players reaches 175 points.

3) A partnership of six or more players reaches 200 points.

A player whose hand is finished may advise any of his teammates, but only if he has not seen the hand of any opponent.

Drawn hands are not replayed.