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Stealing Bundles

Game Type
2, 3, 4

This is a children's version of Cassino. 

Suggested Ages. 6 and up.

Skills Developed. Identifying cards and pairing.

Also known as Steal the Old Lady’s Bundle. The game is best for two to four players and the rules are the same as Cassino except for the following:

1) Players may win cards from the middle of the table only by pairing, not by building or adding numbers in any way.

2) Cards won are stacked in a pile face up, and, for his turn, a player can capture an opponent's pile by matching its top card. If he does, the player takes the entire pile and places it face up on top of any cards he has already taken. However, his pile may be recaptured by any opponent as long as the card on top is matched.

The object of the game is to win more than half the cards. When a player has done this, the game ends, and he is the winner.