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Teaching Cards to Kids

Game Type

Familiarity with playing cards and card games can provide children with entertainment, social interaction, and educational benefits. Even at a very early age, children are naturally attracted to the bright colors, shapes and pretty designs found on most playing cards, and these can help stimulate a child's recognition of letters, symbols, and numbers.

Best of all, playing card games is a pastime that offers immediate pleasure, as well as many advantages that will last into adult life. The fact that grown-ups enjoy playing with cards is a gratifying discovery for a child, and most children will want to play cards too. This is a great opportunity for adults to teach timeless favorites such as Go Fish or Old Maid.

Card games are best taught by demonstration...

along with explanation. A child can be helped to play the first few rounds or hands with cards exposed while the card play is explained as the game progresses. Alternatively, children can watch a few games being played before actually participating.

In the description for each game there is a suggested age range and the skills that might be developed or enhanced. However, these are just guidelines. Children are individuals, and readiness to learn a particular game will vary from child to child.

What is most important is to demonstrate how much fun it is to play cards. Also, when families play card games together, it can be one of the most rewarding of all indoor recreational activities.