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3-Hand Double Pinochle

Game Type

There are two methods of dealing:

  1. Twenty-five cards to each player and five to a widow; the high bidder must announce the trump before seeing the widow.
  2. Twenty-six cards to each player and two to a widow; the high bidder may announce the trump after seeing the widow.

Game is 4,550. The minimum bid is 500, and if the first two players pass, the dealer must bid 500. There are no announcements of melds or suits in the bidding. Each player melds, but must win a scoring trick to make the meld count. The high bidder gets the widow and must discard an equal number of cards before picking up his meld. The discard counts, but he must still win a trick to score the meld. Any irregularity in discarding is a revoke.

The high bidder may concede defeat before leading, in which case each opponent scores his meld plus 100, while the bidder is set back the amount of his bid.