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Custom Playing Card Decks

Personalize and create custom playing cards for your company, event, or organization. If you can imagine it, we can create it!

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Fortune 500 corporations, Broadway theater productions, distilleries, universities and magicians around the world have engaged USPC to create high-quality custom playing cards as unique premiums on behalf of their event or organization. It's the perfect souvenir for corporate gatherings, weddings, and more.

Your custom deck will consist of 56 cards manufactured on Bicycle® card paper using the same processes as the world's leading playing card. It will shuffle easier, deal better, and last longer than other custom decks.

Card backs, faces, finishes and colors can all be customized to meet your needs and grab your target's attention. Check out examples of custom, promotional playing cards in our Custom Catalog, and contact us today to get your project started! You can reach us via phone at (859) 815-7418.

We can create any design that you can imagine! The sky's the limit.

Playing cards offer 52 instant and creative impressions for your message. Each card can deliver a different communication point, visual or fact that is representative of your overall brand and objective.

Custom Playing Cards Printed by Bicycle Custom Playing Cards Printed by Bicycle

Contact our custom division today at (859) 815-7418. If your design is already prepared, you can submit your custom design now by hitting the button below. Our team will be in touch within 72 hours with a quotation based on your exact specifications.

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To ensure proper sizing and layout, download our playing card template pack prior to submitting your design. This ZIP file contains our design templates in PDF, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop PSD formats.