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Crest and Seal Chips

Posted on June 28, 2012 in Articles

From the very beginning, we focused on producing the world’s finest playing cards, with premium quality and durability. From 1907 to 1947, we applied that same focus and dedication to something else: gambling chips.

Collectors call them ‘crest and seal’ chips, and they were made by The United States Playing Card Company from 1907 to about 1947. Often referred to as the “Cadillac” of casino chips, crest and seals are some of the most colorful and beautiful chips ever produced.

Crest & Seal chips appeared in game rooms across the United States, from mob-owned private rooms to legitimate casinos and country clubs. In addition to the many colors, the variety of inlays (the center section with the design or the name of the club) is truly staggering. When it comes to gaming, you can always bet on one thing: that USPC stands for quality, durability, and the world’s best.

Crest and Seal Chips

Special thanks to Rich Hanover at for permission to include these images.