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How to Make a Hypercard

Posted on March 27, 2012 in Articles

Last week, we posted a unique visual puzzle: an impossible object made from a single playing card. Here’s how to do it!

To make a hypercard, you need a pair of scissors and a single playing card. That’s it! No glue, no tape, and no adhesive! The hypercard in last week’s post was made from a double-backed Bicycle® Rider Back card.

Having a double-backed card isn’t necessary, but it makes the illusion more difficult to figure out. When learning how to make a hypercard, it’s easier to use a regular card. So grab any card and let’s get to it!

Hypercard TutorialBegin by making three cuts from the long sides to the center of the playing card. Two of these cuts come from one long side, and the third cut comes from the opposite long side (like in the picture above).

Once the cuts have been made, twist either end (it doesn’t matter which one) 180° until the opposite side of the card is facing you. Flatten the card and gently crease the folds until the tab sticks up in the middle of the card. And that’s it - you’ve made your first hypercard! It should look like the image below.

HypercardIf you want to make your hypercard even more deceptive, use a plain white piece of paper or a playing card with the same back design on both sides. Using a double backed playing card will make your hypercard look like this.

If your friends can’t pick up the card to examine it, they probably won’t have any idea how you made it. Let them try to figure it out! Have fun with it!