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Memorizing a Deck in 21 Seconds

Posted on March 05, 2012 in Articles

Have you ever had trouble remembering a name? Or memorizing someone’s phone number? Those are fairly simple things. Imagine trying to memorize the random order of an ENTIRE deck of cards in under a minute!

That’s exactly what Simon Reinhard does. In fact, Simon is the current world-record holder for “Speed Cards.” That’s the name of the category in the World Memory Championships, held every year. The winner is the person who can memorize a single deck of cards the fastest.

The one-minute barrier was officially broken by Dominic O’Brien in the early 1990’s, and in 2007, Ben Pridmore finally broke the 30-second barrier.

Today, Simon Reinhard has the current record for memorizing a full deck in 21.19 seconds. That’s less than a half second per card!

Although the techniques used by these memory masters vary, Ben Pridmore’s method seems to be one of the most common. Pridmore composes a mental story of sorts, associating cards with tangible objects to remember and recall the order of the deck. Like this new article? Hit the LIKE button above to share it with your friends!