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Say hello to Pandamonium & Luchadores

Posted on May 21, 2014 in Latest News

Bicycle® Playing Cards is proud to present our two newest decks: the Luchadores Deck, and the Pandamonium Deck! 

The Pandamonium Deck is covered from tuck to Joker in pandas. The endangered black-and-white mammal is perhaps the most recognizable conservation symbol in the world. The deck features hand-drawn custom cards with panda facts on the ad card. Plus, each pip card contains a corresponding number of pandas. You can find the Pandamonium deck here.

The Luchadores Deck celebrates the culture of Lucha Libre, a type of wrestling with roots in Mexico but popular worldwide. Luchadores is the term for the wrestlers themselves. Colorful masks, high-flying maneuvers and rapid sequences of holds are common characteristics of Mexican wrestling. The deck features 16 different Luchadores, including colorful masks and unique finishing moves. You can find the deck here.