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The Civil War Deck is here

Posted on July 29, 2014 in

The newest deck to hit is the result of a collaboration between the Bicycle® Brand and the Kings Wild Project. You may be familiar with Jackson Robinson, the founder of Kings Wild and the illustrator of popular decks like Federal 52, the Gold and Silver Certificate decks, and a series of Sherlock Holmes decks.

Today, Bicycle® Brand released the Civil War Deck, Jackson’s newest deck and his first deck widely available through Jackson illustrated the deck in his trademark style, with influences from the same engraving style found on US currency. Each court card contains a famous player from the American Civil War. Characters from the Union side are featured on the spade and club court cards, while the heart and diamond cards feature characters from the Confederacy. The card backs are available in both red and blue.

You can order the Civil War Deck online here, or learn more about it on its product page here.